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Why Audio Books’ Sales are Soaring?

audio books

Audio books are a relatively new entrant to the publishing industry but they have managed to make a big impression as their sales figures indicate. Americans spent around $2 billion to buy audio books in 2005 and this figure has increased at a steady pace of around 5% every year. Audio books are also very popular in the United Kingdom where the annual spend is in excess of £100 million. It goes without saying that this business is here to stay.

Audio books have quite a few things going for them such as

  • They are the best option for visually impaired people. Not only are audio books easier to use than Braille books but they are also released very quickly. These books can also be downloaded easily.
  • Lots of people simply do not like to read books, whether for studies or for pleasure. Audio books enable them to enjoy their favourite titles in an almost effortless manner. These books are extremely popular with students who might not have the time to go through all the reading matter necessary for their studies, instead preferring to listen to audio recordings of the same things so that they can make notes easily and quickly.
  • Some people have learning difficulties brought about by other medical conditions such as ADHD and ADD. Even though they are perfectly capable of reading they find it hard to sit in one place for too long. Audio books help them imbibe the content of books whilst being in motion. Furthermore, they can listen to the content without any distractions thanks to headphones that block out all sound.
  • Many people these days suffer from eye strain brought about by looking at Visual Display Units such as computers, tablets or even cellphones. Even if they have to use these VDUs for work, they find it very hard to continue to do so for leisure. In fact, eye strain can also impact their ability to read a printed page. Audi books are a simple solution to this problem as well since they enable people to enjoy books while being in any comfortable position and even with their eyes entirely shut.
  • It is possible to enjoy audio books while commuting to work or when going about ones daily chores. In fact, this is a fantastic way to get a lot of work done without giving up on one’s reading habit.
  • You can get a new title simply by downloading it from the internet instead of having to wait for it to arrive in the mail or going out to buy it in person.
  • Audio books do not take up any space at all. You can have a really large library of audio books on your electronic reader or any other device. Think of how much space you will save by switching from printed to audio books.

It is very easy to see why audio books have become so popular. Its therefore no surprise that publishers are quick to offer ever increasing titles in this format.

Audio Internet Marketing – How it can be Used to Drive Sales?

Audio Internet Marketing

Are you trying to increase the effectiveness of your online marketing activities? Your website or blog can indeed help you get added business and it is a very good way to get your message across to your potential and existing customers without spending a lot of money. However, it can be made even more powerful than before if you add audio content to it. As a matter of fact, this marketing tool should be a very important component of your communication strategy since it helps drive sales very effectively.

  • One of the biggest advantages of audio is that it helps your personality come across in your sales message. If you own a small to medium size business then it is very important for you to be perceived as a likeable and trustworthy. After all, you expect them to spend their hard earned money on your product or service. Even if your site features an audio clip of a short welcome message then it will be enough to influence your customers to do business with you.
  • You can record a clip featuring a description of the product or its features and benefits. It will help establish you as an expert on the subject and customers will look to you for more information.
  • Include recorded testimonials about your product. If potential customers hear these recordings from customers or industry experts then they are likely to be convinced easily. It is a well-known fact that people are influenced by others when buying anything. Audio testimonials will have much more power than written ones.
  • It is easier to build a base of supporters when you get them used to listening to your voice over reading written content. Once you build a powerful association with your customers then you will be able to approach them with sales offers. Having proximity with customers helps you have top of the mind recall.

You will be surprised to find out how easy it is to incorporate audio recordings into your communication strategy.

  • It is incredibly easy to produce audio content. You can hook a microphone to your computer in order to create your own audio clips. You’ll need special audio software as well; thankfully these are available very easily. You can download free recording software if you don’t want to buy them. Needless to say, you do need to have a catchy script ready so that you say all the right things on your clip.
  • The other advantage is that it is easy to transport audio files. You can easily feature it on your social media pages apart from your website or blog. You can also make content available for download.
  • In case your audio clips turn out to be very popular then you could also consider creating larger content.

You are sure to see a marked increase in business when you start using audio clips to engage with your customers. Make sure that you create the clips after considering all aspects so that they help you achieve your business goals.